Media Victimization

Pardon me for living under a rock, but in the midst of clearing out my DVR, I finally sat down and watched Miss Representation, a documentary that chronicles the media’s objectification of women and how it has systematically served to hold women back in terms of industry, politics, and leadership.

While I am not blind to offensive advertising, I must say this documentary gave me a much deeper understanding of how the media, in large part, objectifies women-which is indeed victimization. With a plethora of sexualized advertisements, movies and television shows, it’s no wonder that, by and large, my generation is more concerned about the next episode of “The Real Housewives of…” instead of the Planned Parenthood debacle.

I signed the pledge to spread the word about the media’s gross bias toward women and produce content of my own to combat this epidemic. I implore you to watch the documentary and, after doing so, taking the pledge yourself.

Click here to visit MissRepresentation.Org for screening locations, blog updates, and more infomation

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2 thoughts on “Media Victimization

  1. chicista says:

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    This is my latest post on my sister blog “Advocacy Against Victimization.” It’s time that we stop accepting objectification of women in the media!

  2. Romney says:

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    An excellent documentary and campaign worth looking into.

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